Basic Photography for Artists

Is a 2 day, weekend workshop for those who want to get a handle on photography for use in your art practice.
Whether that be for reproduction of your artwork and/or the shooting of subjects like portraiture, still life or landscape.

Dates: To Be Determined. Workshop currently on hold.


Workshop will include:

Establishing correct exposure
Camera settings that are useful and not so useful
Different camera formats
Lens choice and why lens angle of view is important
File formats – Why RAW format is so powerful
Lighting your artwork
Lighting your subject
Colour temperature
Colour flow – from camera to print
And many other topics

My original course of study was Photography at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) where I received my BA in 1994. I have found this knowledge and experience invaluable in my own oil painting practice and of course film industry work.

My goal is to demystify and simplify the technical jargon and allow you to immediately apply the knowledge to your art process.

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