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SciFi Freedom Ezine #6 – The Liar

Howdy all!

Another interior illustration for SciFi Freedom ezine story, edition #6. Titled: The Liar. The issue will be out this month I think so keep your eyes peeled!

Here is the artwork.. Starting with my final pencil sketch, a small acrylic colour rough and the final oil painting. I think I lost something in the translation from the pencil sketch to the final painting however!



Pencil Sketch











Acrylic colour rough











17" x 13" Oil on Canson paper












Sci-fi Freedom Art, Steampunk

Steampunk Portrait.

Howdy all..

Something a little different this post as I have painted a portrait of a historically real figure for a steampunk short story set in Shanghai in the late 18th century. It will be the interior illustration for the online sf magazine, SciFi Freedom, issue 5 to be published in September. More details once it’s out!

The final image is 95% oil painting with a little digital tweaking for levels and adding the ‘Wetzler’ details around the lenses of the goggles.

In the meantime, enjoy!











17″ x 13″, Oil on Canson paper.

And here is a detail of the goggle area.