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Maze Runner – Scorch Trials Concept Art

Howdy Gladers!

I know this image has made it’s way around the net recently but I thought I would upload the original version for those interested.

The collapsed building, gladers running in the foreground and sky changes were added by my colleague Ken Barthelmey for the released poster.

which is here..

..and here is the original concept art I painted up.

When Scorch Trials is released next year I can update with the other concept paintings… but not before! 😉


The Machinehouse Worker’s Song Illustration

Howdy folks,

I’d like to share my new illustration for the Interzone magazine story, The Machinehouse Worker’s Song by Steven J Dines. I thoroughly recommend getting your hands on this magazine for some excellent SF stories. Steve’s story and my artwork will be out in issue 246.

Many thanks to Andy Cox of TTA Press for the opportunity to paint for such a great publication.

The original painting is 18″ x 13″, oil on Canson paper.

Here is a preview of the page and the beginning of Steve’s story. Enjoy!

12 Series Mini Commissions

Howdy SciFi Art Fans!

I’d like to announce the beginning of the Ankaris 12 Series Mini Commissions.

Mini Commissions are small, 12″ x 4.8″ (30cm x 12cm) limited edition original oil paintings of select images from my portfolio. The idea is to create affordable art for people who want an original painting as an alternative to a giclée print.

Price $195 AU inc shipping.

• Painted within one or two sessions so they remain dynamic and spontaneous.

• Painted on Canson oil painting paper which is a nice 290gsm, textured paper designed for acrylics and oils.

• Each image will be limited to 12.

• There will be 12 images to choose from.

• The painting is signed on the front and signed, dated and numbered on the reverse side.

• The final painting will be shipped in a tube.

• Three of the images will be brand new to my portfolio and a chance to explore and develop the images during the course of this series.

How does this work?

1. You select an image from the list on the Mini Commissions Page.

2. Select how many of each image you want (This is limited to two paintings per image per order).

3. Pay via Paypal/credit card (If you prefer direct transfer, please contact me for details).


Each and every time I paint a particular image, it’s going to be different, unique, no two paintings will be the same. Depending on the day, I may even deviate from the basic underlying image and try something new, not radically different, but different enough. I may throw in a surprise or two!

For those who want something smaller for their office cubicle, bedroom, desk or simply as a gift, here’s your chance to own an original scifi oil painting!


Below are some pics of the basic process I apply towards making these small paintings. The painting shown here is number 1 of 12 and the first of the series.

The Canson oil painting paper with that great texture.

I seal the paper with an acrylic medium to lock in the drawing and add an additional layer to protect the paper from the oils.

The final mini painting.

And here are some close up detail scans of the final painting.

Thanks for letting me share this, enjoy the painting and I look forward to painting something mini for you!



Science Fiction Oil Painting – Sky Burial #1

Howdy Sci FI fans!

This one is for you! I said in an earlier post that I would start painting more genre work, specifically, sf paintings. Well here is the second such painting Desert Storm being the first even though it isn’t apparent. In context with this new painting, it starts to fit.

This is the second in a series of works that may take shape as an illustrated SF novel. That’s a ways off from here but I am painting these with an eye to such an end and certainly with a storyline I’ve had in mind for several years now.

Sky Burial #1. 40 x 15 inches, Oil on Linen.





*Note – I have removed the original images of this painting from this post as they were from my Nikon camera and were not the best reproductions of the actual painting. I had also modified the painting since those original pictures were taken. The image above represents the painting as it actually appears, or as close as possible to it! I will add detail pictures soon.