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Maze Runner Concept Art and other news!

Howdy folks,

Been a busy beaver lately finishing of concept art duties on The Wolverine (Sorry, still can’t show the work..) and finishing off my basement/studio. I now have most of my books in place and computer set up, so I’m ready to work. The down side of all that work was that I missed attending Illuxcon in November.


After… The new pad!


I have also been teaching a basic Illustration/Concept Art short course at Randwick TAFE here in Sydney with fellow teacher, illustrator and friend, Paul Bajada. The course will be full and part time right through 2013. I will be teaching the Colour/Lighting portion of the course at nights.

And as the title of the blog post suggests, I am also starting Concept Art duties on the film adaptation of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner, directed by Wes Ball. You gotta check out Wes’ awesome short film: RUIN, right here.


UPDATE: Just to let folks know that I am no longer painting concept art for Maze Runner, I finished two pieces before Christmas last year and wasn’t called upon to do any more.  The production may require more later but who knows.

The TAFE Concept Art course currently being run at Randwick also did not pan out for me due to bureaucratic reasons. Randwick’s loss however is about to become North Sydney TAFE’s gain!




Studio Lighting for oil painting..

Hi all!

I’ve been asked about the lighting set up in my painting studio, so I thought I would post some pics and a brief description.


My studio is quite small as I’m using the second bedroom in my 2 bedroom apt as my painting studio, the first being used as my digital studio (I sleep in the main room!), so space is limited. The room has built in robes with mirrored doors. This is a bonus as it allows me the ability to not only view my paintings from a longer distance, but also back to front. So what I lack in distance to the painting front on, I gain in reflected distance.



The obvious thing in the photo is my lighting set up. I wanted to be able to paint day or night and not have to worry about exterior light variations. My experience as a studio photographer kicked in and I bought a pair of Manfrotto Auto-poles. They basically telescope up and clamp against the ceiling. This allows me to clamp lights onto them and reduces the footprint at the floor saving more space. I’d have to use stands with legs otherwise and they would get in the way.


The light source is supplied by two compact flouro’s, daylight balanced at 5000 – 5500k. Equivalent power output is supposed to be that of a 120W incandescent bulb. They run cool which means I dont cook in the summer months and they use much less power than a standard tungsten bulb. Total cost of that set up was approx A$500. That was the two poles, three light heads (one is in the cupboard and could be used as a modeling light), the bulbs, two Manfrotto Superclamps (to hold the lights). The light heads were el cheapo units and I have no idea what brand they are! You could probably get all of this cheaper if you bought 2nd hand too.

You could save some money and run one pole across horizontally from wall to wall and suspend the lights too..

Anyway, I hope that was informative..