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Snow Gum painting

Howdy All,

A quick post today as I’m off to Culburra on the south coast of NSW for 2 weeks with my girlfriend. I hope to do a lot of painting but the weather may be against me.. anyway, it will be nice to chill and walk along the beach and get away from it all.

Any entries from here will be via my iPhone.. I may actually blog more you know..

Here is the ‘Snow Gum’ painting work in progress..


Have a good one folks!

Painting – Work in Progress: Mt Buffalo Snow Gum

Howdy all, I thought I should start showing some ‘painting work in progress’ images. This one is an oil painting, 30″ x 30″. It’s of a Snow gum that I photographed up on Mt Buffalo .. (http://tinyurl.com/aorgsb ) in November last year. Mt Buffalo is on the Myrtleford side of Bright in Victoria’s alpine region. A very beautiful part of the world..

Anyway, here are the first 5 pics as I’d started the painting a while ago. Finally got some time to paint again as the matte painting I did for the film Knowing is complete and approved and the book cover for Matt Reilly’s next book, The 5 Greatest Warriors was also approved this week.. I’ll show those at a later date!

But for now, the paintings…