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Troll Mountain Book Covers

Howdy Folks!

Momentum Books have launched Matthew Reilly’s latest novella, Troll Mountain. I painted three covers for three parts and recently finished the omnibus cover, which I’ve just updated below.

The cover painting for Book 1 also made it into this years Spectrum Annual, 21.



Pencil sketches for Troll Mountain covers
Pencil sketches.
Cover painting for Troll Mountain Book 1
Cover painting for Troll Mountain Book 2
Cover painting for Troll Mountain Book 3
Cover painting for Troll Mountain Omnibus edition.


And a couple of detail images..

Detail of painting for book 1
Detail of painting for book 2
Scarecrow: Army of Thieves, Cover Art

Scarecrow Army of Thieves Cover Art.

Howdy all!

Looks like I’m able to post this earlier than I thought as Pan Macmillan Australia has already let the cat out of the bag! For all you Matt Reilly fans, here is the cover artwork for his latest Scarecrow novel..

This is an early unfinished oil painting study I started before we changed the composition to include the island.






..and here is a digital version of the above, cover section only. The Osprey was a 3D rendered model btw.











..here is the final oil painting for the full wrap around cover. It was painted at 42″ x 20″ (106cm x 51cm). Matthew himself is now the proud owner of the original painting too. You will have to send me a pic of it on your wall Matt! I’ll be selling giclĂ©e’s of this painting, so if anyone wants one, just let me know. The original painting was scanned by my good mates at Cie-Elle Digital Imaging which allows for near perfect reproduction. I added a few small digital touches before sending it off to XOU Creative here in Sydney. Thanks for all your help Jon!






Here is a detail of the above painting..







..and here is the final cover with type!











Many thanks to Matt and Cate at Pan Macmillan Australia yet again. I can’t wait for the next one!

7 Ancient Wonders – Alternative Cover Art

Hi there fellow travellers..

Came across this image while I was backing up files and thought it might be of interest and something a bit different from what I’ve been posting recently.

A STEALTH JUMBO JET!! This was one possible alternative for the cover of Matthew Reilly’s 7 Ancient Wonders action/suspense novel. It was decided that images of military hardware just wouldn’t appeal to female readers and thus they woudn’t pick it up off the shelf.. I wondered how the female readers would feel about the novel once they got into it and discovered it was full of military hardware and related action anyway. Then my mum suggested I read this book called Ice Station as she enjoyed it and thought I might too… Ice Station is a Matt Reilly book! (which I have also illustrated).. So that answered that!

This isn’t the full cover because it was abandoned before the it was finished. It was meant to depict the scene in the book where this Jumbo was ‘hovering’ above the great pyramid at Giza with choppers flying about shooting at it etc etc.. I’ve attached the final artwork as comparison.

Lots of fun!