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Maze Runner – Scorch Trials Concept Art

Howdy Gladers!

I know this image has made it’s way around the net recently but I thought I would upload the original version for those interested.

The collapsed building, gladers running in the foreground and sky changes were added by my colleague Ken Barthelmey for the released poster.

which is here..

..and here is the original concept art I painted up.

When Scorch Trials is released next year I can update with the other concept paintings… but not before! 😉


Maze Runner Concept Art

Howdy Gladers!

This post is for you all you Maze fans who may like to see the concept art which @wesball posted on Twitter this week. Here are the two images I created with some small pencil roughs that I did to explore the compositions. I have also re posted the original pencil sketch I did for the poster idea.



First pencil sketch of the Maze I did in 2012.
Concept Sketch for first concept painting
First concept painting for Maze Runner
Concept Sketch for second concept painting
Second concept painting for Maze Runner









The Wolverine – Concept Art . Pt 2

Howdy Folks,

As promised here is the next installment of The Wolverine concept art I created last year at Fox Studios Sydney.


1. First image is the scene where Logan enters the Yukon township. This was shot in a small town here in NSW, Australia called Picton. The concept art is based on photo’s of the main street supplied by production that I stitched together and turned into the Yukon town. For comparison I have included the final shot as shown in the film.


2. The next image shows the bombed ruins of Nagasaki. I don’t have a before image for this as I basically let it evolve from a straight digital painting, then adding photo textures into the painting as I went.


3. The Funeral Pagoda was the one image I worked on several times. The first image here is my first final version. The second image shows the pagoda re-designed as it was deemed too expensive to build the first one. There was another version which was to show the pagoda 30% smaller, again for cost considerations. The 3D model had been built prior by the set designers which was in turn designed around the Chinese Gardens here in Sydney.


4. The Love Hotel Interior was another location designed a couple of times. Here are three versions of the interior based on 3D modeled sets. The final set was built to the third image here. I preferred the second one.


5. The overhanging balcony of the Yashida Estate was an interesting image in that the balcony had already been designed but I hadn’t seen it. What I came up with was befitting a man of Yashida’s position and also inspired by the house in North by Northwest. The original design was small and claustrophobic with very odd curves. Most everyone loved the design I came up with but the set was almost finished. Seems they removed part of the existing set and made allowance for this cleaner design. I have yet to see the film so I don’t know how it turned out.

I built the basic environment and the balcony in Maya adding the Yashida Estate model from the set designers.


Drop by next week for the last of my Wolverine concept art.

All images in this post ©copyright 20th Century Fox.

The Wolverine – Concept Art . Pt1

Howdy folks,

Well it’s time, The Wolverine has finally hit the theatre which means I can show off some of the concept art I painted for the film last year. François Audouy was the Production Designer and all round mad man! Just wait till you see the Yashida compound and house set he designed, awesome!

I had the privilege of working with some very talented artists and artisans on this project that blew me away with their skill and creativity! Watching the sets go from concept art, through set drawings through to finished set pieces was great to see, something I never saw working in VFX.



1. This first image shows the POW camp and it was the first painting I worked on. I painted over a very simple 3D rendering of the huts and guard towers which were placed accurately to the set layout as shot in Kernell, Sydney.

2. This was the first go at an exterior shot of the Love Hotel which is a famous capsule hotel in Tokyo (the script has the hotel in Osaka). This painting was based on a day time shot of the hotel supplied by production which I extended out both sides and turned into a night scene.

3. This was my second painting of the Love Hotel exterior as the first idea was scrapped due to the inability to shoot that sequence in Tokyo. So the location moved to Brisbane Street, Surrey Hills in Sydney. This painting was to show how a Sydney street could be made to look like a Japanese location. I shot the street in daylight, positioned a 3D model of the hotel into the frame and painted it for a night scene.

4. This was similar situation in that a Sydney location had to be set dressed to look like a Japanese location. This was meant to be the Red Light District. And yes for the keen of eye, that is a homage to Chew’s Eye Works from Blade Runner in there!

5. The last image for this post is of the Yukon Airport. I built the basic layout in Maya, placed a 3D jet into the scene and painted everything from there. The actual scene was shot at Bankstown airport here in Sydney and so the hanger details and design had to match.

Stay tuned for more Wolverine concept art next week!

All images copyright © 20th Century Fox.


Maze Runner Concept Art..

Howdy Gladers!

Now that director Wes Ball has let the cat out of the concept art bag, I thought I’d re-post the sketch I did several months ago when Wes approached me to work on Maze Runner.

This was a tiny 1.5″ thumbnail sketch I drew up (whilst working on The Wolverine) which I then scanned and painted in some rough colour. Wes used that as a guide to render out the final poster image and give the walls of the Maze a real sense of scale.

If you think this image of the glade is cool you should see the two other concept paintings I did for Wes.. But I guess you will all have to wait a while to see those! 😉


News and other SciFi Art updates.

Howdy folks,

Just a news update to let you all know what I’ve been up to lately. Just before Christmas last year I finished off two concept paintings for the Maze Runner film. I was slated to keep going on this but production so far hasn’t needed me.

I was also asked to finish off two new Wolverine concept paintings by Fox which was great. The moment the film comes out I’ll have my Wolverine concept art up. One other film job I can’t mention has also crossed my desk these last coupe of weeks.

I’m working.. (slowly) with Marianne de Pierres on a short graphic novel project called Sentients of Orion: The Hue, that I’m itching to get back onto.. Sorry Marianne, we’ll get there!!

On the scifi side I’m painting two interior illustrations for Interzone magazine and working on an oil painting tutorial for ImagineFX magazine.

The Concept Art course that I was going to help teach at Randwick TAFE didn’t pan out, but an even better course looks to have risen from North Sydney TAFE. So a good chance I’ll be teaching there later this year and into 2014. This course will be a more intensive program of Illustration for the Film, Games and Publishing industries.

In amongst all of that I have repaired roofs, dug drainage and replaced pipe work and finally.. finally found the source of my studio flooding!!

Anyway, enough of that.. here is the cover image for the GN project I’m doing with Marianne. Enjoy!

Syd Mead Tour Down Under..

Howdy Designer lovers!

Syd Mead is coming to Australia. My mate Paul is organising the Sydney leg and so I thought I’d give a quick shout out and post the details. So if you’re in Sydney, come along, it should be an awesome night!

For those who dont know Syd Mead.. SHAME on you!! Here are the details:


The Syd Mead Australian Tour 2010

Syd Mead is the most celebrated concept artist in the world today.

He was the artist behind some of the most influential science fiction of the 20th century:
BLADE RUNNER, TRON, ALIENS, STAR TREK, 2010 (to name a few).

The tour is being organized in conjunction with the CG Society, and the inaugural event in Sydney is set to be a spectacular visual experience:

On the night of Thursday the 18th of March, the premiere of the award winning film, Visual Futurist: the Art and Life of Syd Mead, will be screened at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace in Cremorne.

The screening will be followed by Syd Mead live on stage, interviewed by Jamie Leonarder (The Naked City, FBI / previous host of The Movie Show, SBS).

Syd will be available for signings after the event, and there will be very special limited edition Syd Mead Australian tour t-shirts and dvds on sale.

Come and pay tribute to the man who, for the last half century, has played such a pivotal role in the design of science fiction in film, and who’s genius has inspired countless artists around the world.

Immerse yourself in his world, and meet the man himself.

Book your tickets here: http://www.orpheum.com.au/syd-mead.htm

It is advised that you book early to avoid disappointment. The tour has already generated a great deal of interest.

contact Paul with any inquiries about the tour: nova@bigfoot.com.au


And for those who still dont know Syd Mead’s work, here is a sample.. enjoy!