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Tom 'Slappy' Johnson

(In ‘Deliverance’ voice)… I got me sum pic-tures of youuuu, I’m a gonna puttem on the innernet….

This my friends, is my friend Tom. Tom was one of the first guys I met at Digital Domain and the first man to ever hand me a loaded 9mm pistol… “Just in case..”, he said! He was kind enough to put me up while I found my own place in LA. Thanks man, you wacko!!

He can paint, sculpt, draw, he modeled all the buses flying around in the 5th Element, out of a sphere! He made some wicked ugly teeth too.. He has a penchant for wearing thick woolly socks in LA’s summer and talking like a ‘Good Fella’.

If you see him, say hi… and run!

These pics were taken when he was visiting Sydney town… sometime in the past…

Tom 'GoodFella' Johnson