Q. Can I buy prints of your matte paintings from The Fifth Element, Lord of the Rings, Farscape or Alien Covenant?

A. Unfortunately I can’t sell prints of intellectual property that isn’t mine, this includes the three projects mentioned above! All of my oil paintings, book cover art and some film work is available. I may create oil paintings inspired by these projects which would be available as prints. I have already created one such oil painting called ‘Outpost’ based on the matte painting created for Farscape.



Q. Do you paint private commissions?

A. Yes.


Q. Where does the name Ankaris come from?

A. The first digital science fiction painting I created was based upon a photograph I shot in Ankara, Turkey in 1989. It was the first image I created for my final year portfolio at RMIT in 1993. I titled that image, Ankaris.. and have used it ever since.