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New Website Layout

Howdy folks!

Quick note to let you know I have just made some basic layout changes which I hope are cleaner and clearer to look at and the site now has a static front page to replace the old one that I made in iWeb!! So when you type in, you will be taken directly to the new static home page.

And from this coming Monday I start teaching the Colour/Light subject of the Production Art Department (PAD) Diploma at North Sydney Institute.

I am still painting concept art for film clients, finishing off the last of four book covers for Momentum Books (a new Matthew Reilly book) and painting my own science fiction paintings for Illuxcon.

Here’s what’s on the easel!

New Levitation Painting in progress.

Xfuns Magazine and Expose´ 7

Howdy all!

Long time no blog.. I said I wouldn’t leave it so long after my last entry and I was right.. It was LONGER!

First off, I got an image into Ballistic Publishing’s Expose´7, pg 116, environments section.. Some really cool work in this edition so go check it out!

One thing that I have noticed over recent years is the incorrect usage of the term ‘matte painting’ when it is applied to digital art. As soon as you paint a figure into a scene, it stops being a matte painting and becomes concept art.. or just plain art. Matte painting is a specific tool in the visual effects toolbox, not a term to be applied to any old digital painting.  The term is useless outside of visual effects.

End mini rant..

Today I picked up my copy of the latest Xfuns Magazine. Issue 43. Xfuns is a Creative & Design Magazine published in Taiwan. Many thanks to Audrey and Ching for making this happen, it looks great! You can find their website here.

What else has been happening… I’ve been busy working on several matte paintings for Director Vincent Ward’s latest TV commercial, ‘Blossom Hill’ for Luscious International here in Sydney. I’ll post some of this later. For those in the UK, you would have already seen this ad.. Right now I’m finishing up on a print job for a Saudi Arabian client. Those two jobs have kept me busy for the last 7 weeks. It never rains but it pours as they say!

I have the odd oil painting on the go as well, I’ll post more of that later.. really..

So that’s it for now. Back to it for me..


Changed Blog Site

Howdy all… I’ve changed my blog over from Blogger to WordPress. I’d been reading too many reports of Blogger blocking or warning viewers of inappropriate content in artists sites, all because they had painted ‘nudes’! So Blogger can blog off..

That’s my rant for the day.. I’ll post new (old) work soon. I have quite a few photographs from RMIT that I have yet to upload and show as well as my final year portfolio that got me into Digital Domain, so stay tuned.

Greetings all!

First entry, first ramblings of Mr Wayne Haag.. 

This blog isn’t so much a portfolio as it is a place for people to see behind the work, a place where I will show little known work, some photography and anything else that might be interesting.

I you haven’t already run in terror (or boredom), I thank you and hope you enjoy the ride!