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The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey by Taschen Books


Howdy Folks!

Well here it is.. Coming soon from Taschen Books is the epic book box set titled The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Written by Piers Bizony. This will be one gorgeous book collection and I cannot wait to see it in the flesh.

I was invited to paint the box artwork by Taschen based on the layout design by M/M Design of Paris. The idea was to capture some of the traditional look of illustration yet also have a clean simple design.

The image was painted in oils and scanned by the chaps at Cie-Elle Digital Imaging. I made all other adjustments digitally.

The black areas were easily cleaned up by re-painting them digitally. Stars were added on a separate layer digitally rather than me painting them in by flicking oil paint around with a tooth brush! We had some placement adjustments to make and a format change right at the end which necessitated some major digital work to the final image but all in all it came out pretty much as per the layout.

Before I got to the final large format painting, I did knock out a study of HAL’s red eye. I was hoping to go looser with the painting as can be seen with the study but the final version works as a clean design.

Many thanks to Taschen Books and M/M Paris for the opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful project.



Study of HAL 9000 eye.
Taschen Books, Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey
54″ x 24″, Oil on Linen, Final Painting.
Taschen Books, Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey
Final Artwork for the box set.

New Website Layout

Howdy folks!

Quick note to let you know I have just made some basic layout changes which I hope are cleaner and clearer to look at and the site now has a static front page to replace the old one that I made in iWeb!! So when you type in, you will be taken directly to the new static home page.

And from this coming Monday I start teaching the Colour/Light subject of the Production Art Department (PAD) Diploma at North Sydney Institute.

I am still painting concept art for film clients, finishing off the last of four book covers for Momentum Books (a new Matthew Reilly book) and painting my own science fiction paintings for Illuxcon.

Here’s what’s on the easel!

New Levitation Painting in progress.

Interzone Cover #251 – Levitation

Howdy Folks!

Another update with the next Interzone cover for issue 251.

This painting started life as a small watercolour sketch, became a small oil painting study (as seen in Spectrum 20) and has progressed here as the cover painting for Interzone’s next issue and doubles as larger study for a final painting that is currently in progress. The format may be different but I wanted to see the structure at full size and alter the colour and lighting a bit for more air.

The final Levitation painting will be in my favorite wide format at 46″ x 18″ (116cm x 46cm).


Original watercolour sketch..

Oil painting study..

Pencils sketches..

Final painting.

18″ x 13.5″, Oil on paper. SOLD

And some detail pictures.


Update: Hot off the press, the actual cover.



Interzone Cover #250

Howdy Folks!

Thought it was about time I posted the cover painting I did for Interzone magazine’s 250th issue.

This painting is cropped from a larger image that I had completed a little while back and thought it just right for my first Interzone cover of 2014.


13.5″ x 10″ (cropped), Oil on Canson paper.

Here is the cover itself.. It looks quite dark here so I’m hoping the actual copy is printed lighter!

Spectrum 20


Howdy folks!

Received my copy of Spectrum, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art today, the 20th anniversary edition. My small oil painting study Levitation was included in the unpublished section.

Many thanks again to Arnie and Cathy Fenner for producing this book over the last 20 years, hats off, it’s been a remarkable achievement!



This years great cover of Red Sonja by Donato Giancola

And here is Levitation again.. Enjoy!

Two New Oil Paintings

Howdy Folks,


Couple of new, old paintings to show. Old in that I painted them more than a year ago but have finally got them scanned.

These are two of my favorite places in the world.


The first is my sister rowing a single scull on the Maribyrnong River, just outside the Essendon Rowing Club in Victoria.

26″ x 12″ Oil on Linen


The second is a landscape painting of Tilbury Cove at Culburra Beach, NSW and the headland of Crookhaven Heads with the old lighthouse at the end.

30″ x 12″ Oil on Linen



Painting Palette

Howdy folks!

Thought I’d share my new painting palette with you all. It is one of the last things I needed to re-build in order to get painting again on a larger scale.

It’s pretty basic, 18mm marine ply as a base with thin 9mm strips around the edges, basic hinges in back for the lid, mid grey paper under cut glass for the palette section. The palette top is screwed to an Ikea table base which I had to cut down for my particular circumstances.

If I have paint mixtures sitting there from a painting session, the lid closes to keep dust, dirt and insects off.

Here are some pics. Enjoy!