New Painting For Illuxcon 2015 – Kunzum La

Howdy folks!

Long time no post.. Quite busy teaching this year among other things and have only managed two new large oil paintings for Illuxcon 2015. Two others I have abandoned for another time.

I’ll cut to the chase and let you look at some art., here is the first of my two new paintings – Kunzum La




First Pencil Sketch


As you can see I flipped the image for the final painting.. still like the original composition!

The gouache studies were done for the benefit of my students. Studies two and three were art directed by my students. They had to describe a lighting scenario for me to paint.


Gouache study 01


Gouache study 02


Gouache study 03


And the final painting.

Kunzum La . 60″ x 23″ . Oil on linen


And here are some detail close ups..






    • Ankaris says:

      Thanks Andrew.. No, not always. Sometimes it’s a digital rough. I have yet to scan it but I also have an oil painting study for this painting as well which I will upload… later today hopefully!

      And the painting itself is done in stages, or more like, in the blocks of time I have available.

    • Ankaris says:

      Hey Steven.. thanks mate! The second and third gouache study were painted in class for my students so they weren’t actually part of this process, but I thought folks might be interested in seeing them all the same.

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