Maze Runner – Scorch Trials Concept Art

Howdy Gladers!

I know this image has made it’s way around the net recently but I thought I would upload the original version for those interested.

The collapsed building, gladers running in the foreground and sky changes were added by my colleague Ken Barthelmey for the released poster.

which is here..

..and here is the original concept art I painted up.

When Scorch Trials is released next year I can update with the other concept paintings… but not before! 😉


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  1. Steven says:

    I don’t recall seeing the release poster before. It’s interesting comparing the two versions. I prefer the original sky but not having the small fire on the overhead freeway seems better somehow. Initially the the collapsed building looked better but then I wondered if the other buildings would really stay standing if the building had collapsed on them like that.

    But what do I know about movie poster design? 🙂

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