Howdy Folks,

Here is the scan of my latest science fiction painting, Levitation. This is the final version of the painting that started life as a small watercolour thumbnail way back in 2001!

The actual painting is currently being framed and will soon be heading to Illuxcon along with eleven other paintings.

Here is the final with some detailed images.

Check out this post for a look at past variations of the painting. There are aspects of each that I like but no one version has it all.. so who knows, there may be another version yet to come.

For those interested, there will also be limited edition prints of this painting available very soon.


Levitation . 46″ x 18″ . Oil on Linen
Detail 1
Detail 2



  1. Steven says:

    Perhaps to cover all variations you need to do an animation with paintings! Lol! 😀

    I see what you mean about each version having it’s good points, I’d have a tough time picking a best one.

    Out of curiosity, how big is the oil painting study in the previous post you mention? Would I be right in assuming a study is smaller than a final version?

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