New Science Fiction Painting . Rendezvous

Howdy folks!

A new painting from my Ankaris Project to share, fresh from scanning and the latest ready to be framed and shipped off to Illuxcon.

There will be limited edition prints of this painting available soon on both paper and canvas so stay tuned.

For those interested, I get my paintings scanned by the guys at Cie-Elle Digital Imaging who use a Cruse Scanner. Their scanning and printing quality is fantastic so check them out if you live in Sydney.




Rendezvous . 40″ x 16″ . (102cm x 40.6cm) . Oil on linen
Rendezvous Detail 1
Rendezvous . Detail 2

Detail 2 gives you a good idea of how awesome the scan is!

Rendezvous . Detail 3





  1. Steven says:

    Two posts so close together, we’re being spoiled!
    Hmm, the thought of prints being available has me interested, although I doubt I’ll be able to afford them. With a bit of luck I might be able to. I’ll have to wait to find out more details. In an ideal world I’d buy the painting itself, but that’s even less likely!
    Why do I always want such expensive things?! lol

  2. Milan Schere says:

    Great scan! How do you get these always so nicely into the computer? Do you flatbed scan and stitch it or photograph your traditional work in an ambient lighting setup with a digital camera?

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