D’Artiste Matte Painting 3

Howdy folks!

The book D’Artiste Matte Painting 3 published by Ballistic Publishing arrived on my doorstep today. Many thanks to Milan Schere for asking me to include some work. One correction however, he states that I painted matte paintings traditionally, that isn’t correct. Unfortunately I never got the chance to paint traditionally in a professional manner. I have since taken up oil painting and paint as if I’m matte painting traditionally, but alas no, not for a real film. I started digitally at the threshold of digital and the end of traditional.

I wish Milan, I wish! 😉

Go get yourselves a copy and see what the young guns are doing with environments today!



  1. Milan Schere says:

    Dear Wayne,
    Apologies for the confusion. I wish we could have included some of your LotR work.
    That looks like you painted it traditionally!! So wonderful.

    Thank you again for allowing us to print your amazing work in this book.

    Kind Regards,

    • Ankaris says:

      Hey Milan, no apology necessary! I WISH I had the chance to matte paint traditionally. I believe we should still approach our digital matte painting as if we were painting traditionally, the need by VFX supervisors for higher levels of detail is counter to the effect of realism that traditional mattes achieved. Detail only where needed to draw the eye and let the rest go.

      Anyway, thank you again for the invite to participate and sharing your great work too!

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