Month: October 2013

D’Artiste Matte Painting 3

Howdy folks!

The book D’Artiste Matte Painting 3 published by Ballistic Publishing arrived on my doorstep today. Many thanks to Milan Schere for asking me to include some work. One correction however, he states that I painted matte paintings traditionally, that isn’t correct. Unfortunately I never got the chance to paint traditionally in a professional manner. I have since taken up oil painting and paint as if I’m matte painting traditionally, but alas no, not for a real film. I started digitally at the threshold of digital and the end of traditional.

I wish Milan, I wish! 😉

Go get yourselves a copy and see what the young guns are doing with environments today!


The Kindest Man in Stormland . Interzone #249

Howdy folks,

Here is the latest interior illustration for a story called The Kindest Man in Stormland by John Shirley for the upcoming #249 issue of Interzone Magazine. A near future story where the sea level has risen and inundated coastal cities.

I decided I would have a go at doing this illustration more in the style of a graphic novel, inked and then coloured with watercolour. I wasn’t happy with the final watercolour result so I used it as a basis for added texture for the digitally coloured version.

Starting off with some thumbnail sketches, inked drawing based on a rough 3D model, watercolour pass and final digital colour work. It wasn’t until I started roughing out blocks in 3D that I thought of adding the busted up old ship!



Thumbnail sketches


Inked Drawing 13″ x 9.5″ (within A3 paper size)


Watercolour version


Final Artwork







Two New Oil Paintings

Howdy Folks,


Couple of new, old paintings to show. Old in that I painted them more than a year ago but have finally got them scanned.

These are two of my favorite places in the world.


The first is my sister rowing a single scull on the Maribyrnong River, just outside the Essendon Rowing Club in Victoria.

26″ x 12″ Oil on Linen


The second is a landscape painting of Tilbury Cove at Culburra Beach, NSW and the headland of Crookhaven Heads with the old lighthouse at the end.

30″ x 12″ Oil on Linen



Production Art Department (PAD)

Howdy folks,

Thought it was time to announce my involvement with a new Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Entertainment Design being run at North Sydney TAFE. We are calling it, the Production Art Department.

This is the second attempt at getting such a course off the ground that will allow us to teach Illustration the way it is meant to be delivered. It is biased toward film/games industries which means focusing on Concept Art but the core skills can be applied to Illustration for publishing for example.

I will be teaching the Light-Colour-Painting part of the course.

Feel free to drop me a line to discuss the course further. Enrollments will be open soon for a 2014 start. We will also be running a 3 week short course this month.

For further information, please visit the PAD website

Or register your interest here:



In the meantime, here are some sketches I’ve done recently for a book cover project… of which I also cannot talk about yet!