The Wolverine – Pt 3

Howdy Folks!

Here are the remaining concept art images I created at Fox Studios Sydney for The Wolverine. I won’t go into too detail here suffice to say.. Enjoy!

1. Logan Hanging on. I built the basic structure in Maya and finished in Photoshop.

2. This was a shot I designed that wasn’t actually scripted or storyboarded. I felt Yukio needed to be seen approaching the Yashida Lab to help place her both physically and temporally within the story. Same again, 3D build and Photoshop paint over.

3. These were straight out 2D paintings of Logan approaching the village and Yashida Lab tower.

4. This was a painting that I completed well after I left the Fox art dept and painted remotely for the production designer. The actual shot can been seen below and I had to create, matte painting like, the village and tower beyond.

5. Another 3d build with a Photoshop paint over. This painting was to start establishing a look for the Silver Samurai support area and surrounds. From this version here to the final version as seen in the film, many hours were spent by lots people working out the logistics of such a set. The set you see in the final film was HUGE!

6. Same approach again as I built the environment in Maya and did the paint over in Photoshop.

7. And finally the Silver Samurai plummeting to his demise! This painting was to show the possibility of a large platform outside the Lab that might collapse. I was suggesting here that we might see the SS fall from the other side and we see him pass the spot lights on the way down.

If you haven’t seen the film, do yourself a favor and go check it out, it’s pretty good.. for a superhero film anyway! The sets look sumptuous, the lighting, colours and mood complement the story really well.

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