The Wolverine – Concept Art . Pt1

Howdy folks,

Well it’s time, The Wolverine has finally hit the theatre which means I can show off some of the concept art I painted for the film last year. François Audouy was the Production Designer and all round mad man! Just wait till you see the Yashida compound and house set he designed, awesome!

I had the privilege of working with some very talented artists and artisans on this project that blew me away with their skill and creativity! Watching the sets go from concept art, through set drawings through to finished set pieces was great to see, something I never saw working in VFX.



1. This first image shows the POW camp and it was the first painting I worked on. I painted over a very simple 3D rendering of the huts and guard towers which were placed accurately to the set layout as shot in Kernell, Sydney.

2. This was the first go at an exterior shot of the Love Hotel which is a famous capsule hotel in Tokyo (the script has the hotel in Osaka). This painting was based on a day time shot of the hotel supplied by production which I extended out both sides and turned into a night scene.

3. This was my second painting of the Love Hotel exterior as the first idea was scrapped due to the inability to shoot that sequence in Tokyo. So the location moved to Brisbane Street, Surrey Hills in Sydney. This painting was to show how a Sydney street could be made to look like a Japanese location. I shot the street in daylight, positioned a 3D model of the hotel into the frame and painted it for a night scene.

4. This was similar situation in that a Sydney location had to be set dressed to look like a Japanese location. This was meant to be the Red Light District. And yes for the keen of eye, that is a homage to Chew’s Eye Works from Blade Runner in there!

5. The last image for this post is of the Yukon Airport. I built the basic layout in Maya, placed a 3D jet into the scene and painted everything from there. The actual scene was shot at Bankstown airport here in Sydney and so the hanger details and design had to match.

Stay tuned for more Wolverine concept art next week!

All images copyright © 20th Century Fox.



  1. Paul Dolan says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Just stumbled across your site, beautiful work and it’s great to see the ‘before and after’ images with explinations 😉
    I look forward to checking the film out this weekend, thanks and all the best. Paul

  2. Domenico says:

    Amazing work Wayne! Thank you for sharing these images and explaining the concept art to film process. Beautiful paintings. Makes me miss my time in Tokyo. With Magic, Domenico

  3. Richard Cave says:

    Brilliant work mate, really like these images, sick of looking at gloomy over graded matte art, love the naturality of the light.

    Thanks for sharing these,

    your mate


  4. kammi says:

    Excellent work! I love it! I do enjoy seeing your work. Thanks for the wonderful tidbits of this job. I do know another person who worked on this, also. Are you involved in the new one that’s closely related shooting in Canada, also?

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