Interzone #247 . The Pursuit of the Whole is Called Love

Howdy Folks,

New painting for Interzone Magazine issue #247 out in print soon. This painting was a great challenge, for a story titled, The Pursuit of the Whole is Called Love by L.S. Johnson. Not in my usual comfort zone but it was fun to do. Was it the right take on the story? I’m not sure, but I’ll leave that up to the readers when it comes out soon.


Here is the painting, enjoy!

And for Kammi who requested a look at my palette. The most intense colour here is the Cad Yellow Lemon and Ultramarine Blue, the rest being mostly earth colours.


  1. Ankaris says:

    Thanks Kammi..
    I appreciate you dropping by. I have just uploaded a shot of my palette that I tend to use for most of my paintings. I may alter it a little by adding a Cad Red or Cerulean Blue for eg. if those colours are needed in the painting. Otherwise I tend to keep it pretty muted.

    • kammi says:

      Thank you so much! This is so very helpful! Thank you for your generosity and patience. I am currently learning the Zorn palette. Do you tend to do an underpainting at all or is most of your work alla prima? Do you typically have a separate process (as in, I know that some painters will do a black and white/chromium oxide study first) How long do your pieces usually take you to complete? I don’t mean to bombard you with questions, but it would be wonderful to have a post just on your process. I’m learning but I enjoy painting in oils a LOT so your work is very encouraging to me at this time. Have a great day, also 🙂

      • Ankaris says:

        I will have to do a post that answers all of your questions Kammi, as I’m sure other aspiring artists would also benefit. My tutorial in the recent ImagineFX publication Fantasy Illustrator does answer some of these questions, so grab yourself a copy if you can.
        Thanks for the great questions.. I’ll do a comprehensive post soon!

  2. Ankaris says:

    Thanks for comment Kammi.. Beautiful isn’t the word that springs to mind when I look at this painting!
    I will at some point lay out my palette for this painting and post it. And yes I do try and keep my palette limited even though I may change it depending upon the painting.

    • kammi says:

      Thank you SO much! Hahah I’m kind of morbid, then. Morbid can be beautiful…I hope. I’ve been a follower for a while but just haven’t been commenting. Please keep creating and keep posting..I enjoy your work. Have a great day!

  3. kammi says:

    this is beautiful! I always wonder what kind of colours you use or what palette. Care to share? Or do you switch it up from time to time? I’m also really really happy that you paint traditionally.

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