The Supervisors keeping an eye on progress!

The Wolverine..

Howdy folks,

Quick update to let regular followers of my work know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I haven’t oil painted in quite a while due to moving house around mid June and almost immediately afterward, I got hired to paint Concept Art for The Wolverine film. What started out as a two week stint in the Art Dept here at Fox Studios, has stretched into 10 weeks and still going. It’s been great watching the film design and magnificent sets come to life. A welcome change from VFX land!

As they say it never rains but it pours.. after Wolverine I’ll be creating concept art for two very cool science fiction films, of which I will elaborate on soon. I will also be illustrating something for Marianne de Pierres release of Sentients of Orion, scifi novel series in the US for November.

Not sure when I will get back into the oil painting as my new digs need quiet a lot of work in eliminating leaks, dust and general fitting out for studio practice. It is getting there! My plan was to exhibit at Illuxcon this year but I haven’t the volume of work nor the resources to get there AND finish my studio at the same time. Illuxcon 2013 however.. I will paddle a bloody canoe across the Pacific if I have to!

In the meantime, here are some pics of the new studio in various states of repair..



Source of major water leaking..
The fist sized hole I discovered, now plugged. The hole has now been tarred and back filled.
The Good..
The not so Good..
The Bad..
.. and the Ugly! 🙁
Inside corner, cleaned and sealed! 🙂
Fighting the brick and mortar dust.
The Supervisors keeping an eye on progress!

You didn’t actually think I was going to show Wolverine artwork did you?! 😉



  1. Richard Cave says:

    Hi mate, wondered what had happened to you? Must be great moving to a new location and setting up, though I see you are having problems with dust, and water. Looking forward to seeing your Wolverine images, must be great to have work. I am waiting out at the moment to see what the New Year brings, moved into cinematic filming and doing more Matte Work, I am also working on a Redux of a 80s film redoing all the VFX shots, so busy at the moment. Sad to say my poor bike is locked away waiting for summer. Its to wet and windy in the UK to ride, plus most of my routes are flooded. Have a great New Year and keep up the good work.


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