Rendezvous . New SciFi Painting

Howdy folks,

Quick post today just to show the oil painting study for a larger canvas I’m working on. Inspiration in equal measure from Chris Foss and Ralph McQuarrie. This scene also takes place within the Sky Burial world.


Rendezvous . Study .  21″ x 8.5″ . Oil on Canson paper



  1. Tony Lovett says:

    Wow!! I agree with the comment above. Very realistic and tactile..This image really invites you in. Really awesome work mate.

  2. I really enjoy looking at this particular painting. There is an amazing story in development here, and I’ve always been a fan of this kind of theme. I really like the fact that this is not a typical Hollywood movie style color composition as with most spaceship paintings these days. I am really inspired by this work!

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