Spectrum 18 and Blue Canvas 10

Howdy folks!

If you happen to be in your local book store be sure to pick up the latest edition of Spectrum Fantastic Art 18 and Blue Canvas magazine issue X. They’re both great publications and showcase some top quality artwork. I don’t actually have a copy of Blue Canvas yet so don’t know how my portfolio spread turned out.

For those who don’t know, Spectrum is the leading annual for scifi/fantasy/fantastic artwork in any medium. I felt the reproduction in Spectrum was a tad dark this year, which may have been book and/or batch wide. I’m sure there is more in the shadows in some of those paintings! Otherwise it was printed to it’s usual wonderful quality. I’ve only skimmed through the book, but I get the feeling that traditional art has overtaken digital work this year.. who said painting was dead!!

Many thanks to Cathy and Arnie Fenner for the complimentary copy.

Spectrum Fantastic Art 18


Spectrum Fantastic Art 18


Blue Canvas magazine issue X


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