Month: October 2011

SciFi Freedom Ezine #6 – New Painting

Howdy folks!

Another fun painting for issue #6 of SciFi Freedom ezine. This is a interior illustration for a story entitled Frank. I won’t reveal any more than that! I was mistaken with my last post regarding the publishing date of this issue however.. it will be in December, so make sure you check it out!

Here is the full painting. A little more digital tweaking and balancing for this one as I ran out of time to polish it completely in oils. Mostly for adjusting values, punching out the red warning lights and flare.

For those artists adept at depicting the human form, I welcome your feedback!


Sci Fi Art
'Frank' 17" x 13" Oil on Canson Paper













Detail 1













Detail 2.














SciFi Freedom Ezine #6 – The Liar

Howdy all!

Another interior illustration for SciFi Freedom ezine story, edition #6. Titled: The Liar. The issue will be out this month I think so keep your eyes peeled!

Here is the artwork.. Starting with my final pencil sketch, a small acrylic colour rough and the final oil painting. I think I lost something in the translation from the pencil sketch to the final painting however!



Pencil Sketch











Acrylic colour rough











17" x 13" Oil on Canson paper