Month: May 2011

Inked sci-fi sketch..

Howdy all!

A slight change of pace for this post and from my usual style of artwork. Thought I would dive into real ink and paper which I’ve never played with before. A fact that will be self evident when you look at the sketch! Travis Charest has nothing to fear from me, nor any other inker for that matter.. but I did have fun exploring this new medium.

This particular sketch was done in my Moleskine with Sennelier ink, real nibs and a brush. I tried Liquitex ink but it was as weak as water (more on that later).. I scanned it and tightened up the levels in PS. Next time I’ll do it on real paper, bigger and take my time.

The sketch itself is based on a rough oil painting I did last year which I’m about to re-paint larger as Sky Burial #2.

Like any discipline, scratch the surface and you see the true depth of the art form and a glimpse of what is involved.. This sketch is an attempt to find a tool that will scratch that surface!