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Hi all..

After having been through a year of almost no work, no art sales and needing to sell off a bunch of my photographic equipment, I know what it feels like to struggle for money to pay the bills, rent etc. If it wasn’t for the generosity and kindness of my family and friends, things would have been a lot tougher. So when I saw this email from a fellow artist on the Behance Network, I thought I would help out a little and buy one of her prints.

“… I could really use your help! I was recently laid off from my dream job, and was denied unemployment benefits, so I’m trying to scrounge for rent and food until I can get myself another job (no luck so far).”

So check out Kelly’s work and visit her shop, I’m sure a few print sales would go a long way to helping her out.

If artists are to survive, perhaps it’s up to us to support each other. Lots of people comment on artist’s work on blogs/portfolio sites etc, espousing how wonderful their work is and yet never buy anything. I had over 500 people comment on one of my images on Redbubble, and only one person bought a poster (thank you who ever you are btw). A 1 in 500 ratio doesn’t sit right with me if they all claim that image is the most awesome thing they’ve ever seen. You telling me of those remaining 499 people, none of them could afford a post card or small print? It’s time to put our money where our mouth is and support other artists in a practical way… buy their art! So get out there and buy some art, it doesn’t have to be a big purchase, but every little bit helps!

Best of Luck Kelly, I hope your situation improves soon. I just bought this lovely print and when my fortunes improve, I’ll be looking to buy one of your originals!


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