Desert Storm – Genre oil painting..

Howdy art lovers,

I’m posting this painting tonight because it is almost where I want it, almost finished… but I don’t really like it… why you ask? Well I started this painting in January 2005. These two ‘Women’ have watched me these last few years from above my book shelf waiting for me to finish it. Which is what I’ve been doing recently. Thing is, I wouldn’t paint it like this anymore. Some parts I really like, but a lot I don’t. So I’m leaving it at this and will revisit the idea and composition later.. perhaps with a slight twist!

This painting is special for one very important reason though. It represents the sort of imagery I also want to paint from here on. I love landscapes, a lot, and will continue painting them, but I also want to tell stories in these single images. Just think my film work but on canvas inhabited with people! And this painting is the closest thing to that dream so far.. So I thought it was about time I got this one out there so to speak.

The painting is 20″ x 48″, oils on linen and still a wip!!

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