New Landscape study..

Howdy Folks.. here is another landscape study of the Kiewa Valley in Victoria. The lighting is a bit flatter than I usually like, but it had a hazy quality which I liked. Dont think I captured it here though. Anyway we keep going… “We have to go on… We must go on..”  10 points to those who can guess which movie that line is from!

Is anyone else using having issues with uploading/displaying images? If I upload 2 or more images, or ‘gallery’, I get the option of displaying thumbnails which can then be opened up into full res images, (the size that I save the images in the first place. In my case 1024 pixels). If I upload only one image, I have no choice but to ‘insert’ that image into the page and you get a 510 pixel res image (as below), with no way of being able to open it up to full res.

Am I missing a button somewhere?


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  1. tedconley says:

    Beautiful work. As far as the image goes, take a close look at your image options. Under caption and description is a text input field for Link URL. Under that input field are three options: none, file URL and Post URL. By selecting file URL, you can link to the full res image. I missed it the first time too. Post URL will link the image to the full post.

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