Month: March 2009

Knowing Matte Painting..

Hi All!

Seeing as how Knowing is out in cinemas (in the US at least), I thought I would show the matte painting I did for the film. For those with a sharp eye and access to the original trailer, go check out the shot as it was before Animal Logic hauled me in to fix it!

This was painted at 6k, in several layers – f/g, m/g, reflections etc etc.. for projection onto 3D/Nuke and I had a week and half to do it. The first version is the matte shot with a guide as to how the smoke may look and the second frame is the matte as supplied.

Stormy Skies..

Me again.. Couple of photographs of a very stormy sky over Culburra Beach, NSW. If you head over to Ev’s blog, you’ll see a pic of the same storm… (I think it’s the same storm anyway!). Epic stuff. This baby cruised right past us, we didn’t get a drop. Ain’t nature grand!

Da pics..

Latest Plein Air Paintings..

Howdy all!

Just returned from two wonderful weeks in gorgeous Culburra, NSW, with my partner. The two downsides were an unexpected bout of the flu and very little phone reception. I was hoping to blog using my iPhone but alas it wasn’t meant to be and besides, I had other things to do… like relaxing, painting and shooting!

I would like to have painted more but we also had a fair share of crappy weather, spectacular to watch and great if you’re kicking back with a hot cup of tea, but not so good for painting. I wiped two paintings off my canvas panels because they were crap and should have done it to a third one. One I’m pretty happy with, three others I dont mind, the remaining two are average.

As I am still quite inexperienced as a plein air painter, a lot of it for me is just figuring out the mechanics and practicality of doing it outdoors! What paint do I take, how much, what gear, how do I carry it, how do I cart my wet panels around after I’ve painted etc etc.. So each excursion is a learning process. Maybe next post I’ll go over my gear list and show how I carried it all about.

In the meantime, here are the first couple of paintings. These two were painted a little further south of Culburra, on the rocks around Currarong.

16 x 8″, oil on panel.

Snow Gum painting

Howdy All,

A quick post today as I’m off to Culburra on the south coast of NSW for 2 weeks with my girlfriend. I hope to do a lot of painting but the weather may be against me.. anyway, it will be nice to chill and walk along the beach and get away from it all.

Any entries from here will be via my iPhone.. I may actually blog more you know..

Here is the ‘Snow Gum’ painting work in progress..


Have a good one folks!

Test entry from iPhone

Just got the wordpress app for my iPhone.. Thought I would add an entry and see if I could bear using it over the next two weeks on the 3G network!

I’m off on break, to paint around Culburra, NSW, from Tuesday. So no computer but iPhone will travel. I have access to twitter, this blog, linkedin and email.. and safari..

You know it’s only a matter of time before this stuff is all an implant. Won’t need a computer/iPhone! As a kid I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have access to such technology, and we take it for granted, it’s so ‘ho hum’.. We even bitch about it!

So ends my ponderings for now and this wordpress on iPhone test.. With attached pic for the hell of it!

Latest landscape painting..

G’day all!

Got an almost finished landscape here for ya’ll to look at. This is a paddock as seen coming into Harrietville. It’s not morning light as I mentioned in the last post, it’s afternoon light!

Here is the Google map. You will notice the house on the far left of the painting is marked on the map as well, so you get an idea of where I was standing. Ain’t technology grand!

That’s it for now.. more to come, matte painting pics and info, some photography and anything else I think might be of interest..