Oil Painting sold!

Well I had my first oil painting sell through Etsy during the week! It was a small 10 x 6″ panel and I sold it for US$80.

When I got my Open Box-M Pochade Box, the first thing I did was paint some quick 20 min plein air paintings of the sky from my apartment balcony. They also happened to be the first plein air paintings that I’d ever done as well. Took me long enough to get around to doing this. Dont know why because it’s great fun!

The first thing I realised was that the sky, clouds, light etc, move and change really FAST. The results I ended up with, have little resemblance to the sky I saw when I started painting. The sky can change a LOT in 20 minutes. I was painting at or near sunset which didn’t make my life any easier either… but I like a challenge!

So here is the first one that sold.

Plein Air oil painting - Sydney sky

It’s not perfect but a begining.. Here is another..

Plein Air Oil Painting - Sydney Sky 3

And one more…

Plein Air Oil Painting - Sydney Sky 4

More paintings to come so tune in again soon!


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