Tashi Delek!

That’s a Tibetan greeting for those who dont know..

And in the spirit of things Tibetan, here is a painting of lake Chandra Thal in the North Indian Himalaya region. It is based on a photograph I shot there in 2004. The painting is a departure from the photo as the original composition was weak… All I did was transfer the problem over to the canvas as I feel the composition of this painting suffers the same fate!

The ‘chorten’ in the foreground is not actually there at the lake, but I love the shape and the prayer flags that stick out of them. If you listen carefully you can hear the flags flapping in the breeze… I miss that place big time! The Himalaya is like a giant reset button for your soul, it’s utterly refreshing and cleansing in every way.

This one is a classic case of the painting looking much better in the flesh however.. for the life of me I cannot get a decent repro of it! Anyway, I’ve been painting this one for a while now, and tonight I managed to get it somewhat where I want it. I need to let it go actually and move on, but it has been bugging me… so here it is.. I’ll post wip pics later.


  1. I actually like the soft diagonal curves of the composition: Seems appropriate for fabric in the breeze. Prayer flags on my deck keep me sane thru the long, dark winter. Envy you for having been there, but am glad you painted it to share.

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