Month: February 2009

Plein air and studio paintings..


More paintings just off the press. This is almost becoming a ‘painting a day’ situation.. I doubt I could keep up with a PAD, too much other stuff to get done and I tend to want to paint something more substantial than a glass jar, just to say that I’ve done my painting for the day. Having said that, artists should be painting/drawing/creating every day anyway.. So.. some paintings.

Here are three wip’s of a Harrietville landscape, lighting study I started a couple of days ago. This is one in a series of about 5 or 6 paintings, all 20″ x 10″.

And a plein air I completed yesterday at a friend’s place which is 16″ x 8″. It’s her backyard/courtyard.

One more painting for today..

Here is another painting I started yesterday, this one is from a photograph I took in Victoria in November last year. It’s still a work in progress.. I have two others also started yesterday/today, also from photo’s which I will post soon.

It’s been a busy day here and I’ve managed to get through a lot. It helps when you wake up at 5:30!! I was up wide awake, BING! As Billy Connelly says in one of his shows, ‘…like a man in a tooth paste commercial – ‘MORNING!’.. So I expect a midday rise tomorrow!

Here is the google map position for this painting..

Ok, enough rambling.

And a quick shout out to a super talented dude I met yesterday with Evan, Hovig Alahaidoyan. Not only is he a great concept artist, he is a great photographer. Here is his blog, check it out!

A little bit of Harrietville, Victoria

Howdy all,

I finished up another two paintings.. ie, they were almost finished and had been sitting around for a while so I knocked them over tonight.

They are both of farm land in and around Harrietville, Victoria, a most wonderful part of the world… as long as fire doesn’t get to it of course. These are were painted from photos onto those canvas covered panels. Just small lighting/mood studies really.


I’ve included a short series of wip’s for the second one..



I know it’s a big jump from the one above to the one below.. I didn’t shoot the intervening stages, sorry!



I may have acted too soon here.. the far right bg of the ‘final’ version needs a temp swing back towards the cooler side, like the version before it, AND those strokes need breaking up.. oh well, live and learn. You can see that I signed it last year..

It’s like naming your digital files, matte_painting_FINAL-6.7_Really_final_this_time_v4_revised2_this-IS-IT_DONE.tif.

Never put the word final in your file names or sign your work…Ever!


Tashi Delek!

That’s a Tibetan greeting for those who dont know..

And in the spirit of things Tibetan, here is a painting of lake Chandra Thal in the North Indian Himalaya region. It is based on a photograph I shot there in 2004. The painting is a departure from the photo as the original composition was weak… All I did was transfer the problem over to the canvas as I feel the composition of this painting suffers the same fate!

The ‘chorten’ in the foreground is not actually there at the lake, but I love the shape and the prayer flags that stick out of them. If you listen carefully you can hear the flags flapping in the breeze… I miss that place big time! The Himalaya is like a giant reset button for your soul, it’s utterly refreshing and cleansing in every way.

This one is a classic case of the painting looking much better in the flesh however.. for the life of me I cannot get a decent repro of it! Anyway, I’ve been painting this one for a while now, and tonight I managed to get it somewhat where I want it. I need to let it go actually and move on, but it has been bugging me… so here it is.. I’ll post wip pics later.

Western made Ad's in China

Funny where your artwork ends up! In this case it was my commercial advertising work.. I had to paint the ‘frozen’ city on the poster, the man and the dog were photographed by Sydney photographer Mike Skelton and comped over my painting.

I was walking into the centre of Beijing that day (July 2004 – a 2.5 hr walk) in hot humid conditions and came across my painting on the ad. So I had to stop and photograph it. I think the Chinese man on the bike was thinking the same as me… “I’d kill for a cold drink!”

If I find the original painting, I’ll post it here..

Painting – Work in Progress: Mt Buffalo Snow Gum

Howdy all, I thought I should start showing some ‘painting work in progress’ images. This one is an oil painting, 30″ x 30″. It’s of a Snow gum that I photographed up on Mt Buffalo .. ( ) in November last year. Mt Buffalo is on the Myrtleford side of Bright in Victoria’s alpine region. A very beautiful part of the world..

Anyway, here are the first 5 pics as I’d started the painting a while ago. Finally got some time to paint again as the matte painting I did for the film Knowing is complete and approved and the book cover for Matt Reilly’s next book, The 5 Greatest Warriors was also approved this week.. I’ll show those at a later date!

But for now, the paintings…