Tom 'Slappy' Johnson

(In ‘Deliverance’ voice)… I got me sum pic-tures of youuuu, I’m a gonna puttem on the innernet….

This my friends, is my friend Tom. Tom was one of the first guys I met at Digital Domain and the first man to ever hand me a loaded 9mm pistol… “Just in case..”, he said! He was kind enough to put me up while I found my own place in LA. Thanks man, you wacko!!

He can paint, sculpt, draw, he modeled all the buses flying around in the 5th Element, out of a sphere! He made some wicked ugly teeth too.. He has a penchant for wearing thick woolly socks in LA’s summer and talking like a ‘Good Fella’.

If you see him, say hi… and run!

These pics were taken when he was visiting Sydney town… sometime in the past…

Tom 'GoodFella' Johnson

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  1. tom says:

    It was a 40 caliber pistol not a 9mm…I was livin in santa monica near venice beach, Ca. my neighborhood had a few crack dealers around. And handed my pistol over to Wayne while i went to work ( I forgot but you werent slated to start work for a few days and were staying over.) Anyways realized later that they probably dont have many guns in Aus. and may have caused some mental trauma but you did alright Wayne you moved to a more crime orented neighborhood than i was livin and managed to make some good paintings with out any guns…strong work…am in Canada now, miss shooting my pistols, they are in California still…but 2012 ! everone do the research (Aztec calender and astronomy predictions)be prepared…what the?!

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