More Optical Composites.. Cira 1985 – 1992

Variations on the theme of last post.. I couldn’t quite get perfect comps using this optical process, could have been my dodgy carpeted bedroom – makes for a bad studio – or that I was using an on-camera flash head – hand held – to expose the lith film in the laundry, may have all had something to do with the misalignment of the two elements. Still, I managed.. 

But as I said in the last post, Photoshop came out and I had to learn a whole new world.

Building the model kits was half the fun of course! 


  1. Sheldnz says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Very cool I love those old school techniques, I don’t have much knowledge of them but I am so impressed how film makers pulled those shots off way back when.
    Oh I think we have a mutual friend? David Scott, speaks very highly of you, but I never got to meet you when I finally got to Emerald, as you had left.

    Merry Christmas,


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