And this little Gem!

And this horrible four element composite…  Ah well, it was a technical challenge if nothing else..

My sincerest apologies to Mike Pangrazio for reproducing and ruining such a classic matte painting.. what was I thinking!!


  1. tom Johnson says:

    What the hell?! Your still friggin alive? I thought all that we told you ( goodfellas voice) to stop breathin all this precious air that we are tryin to breathe? enough of a roast… sheesh….awesome stuff Wayne, did you do the model photography before coming to DD? It is great to see you experimented with this , finished teaching a film matte painting class here in a vancouver art school, and the students are so different from our generation, they are missing these foundations…give me a shout at

    • ankaris says:

      Hey Slappy (in Goodfellas voice)… Whaddyadoinoverdere? ‘Our’ generation?? Mate, how old do you think I am? And what foundations exactly are you referring to? I must have missed those at school… Yep, all that stuff was before DD.. “Embarrassing..”

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